FRP Cable Trays

Ventura Fiber Tech make FRP Ladder type & perforated type cable tray gives the good support to Electrical heavy Cables & Instrument Light Cables respectively mainy in chemical industries or any corrosive atmosphere. The cable trays are manufactured from the polyester resin system with Fire Retardant & Ultra Violet resistant properties.

Ventura Fiber Tech make FRP cable trays are widely used by most of all the ChemicaI Industries, Oil & Gas Refineries, Paper Mills, Cement Factories & other industries in India.

Ventura Fiber Tech make FRP cable trays are easy to install & gives the maximum life other than any material in corrosive atmosphere & due to its non-conductive property it decreases the chances of short circuit.

Highlights on
FRP Cable Trays

  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Light in Weight
  • Easy to install & replace
  • As it is self piemented no need of painting
  • Fire Retardant & Ultra violet (UV) stabilized,
  • Strenght & Durability
  • Availble in all colors

Applications of
FRP Cable Trays

  • Chemical Industries
  • Highly Corrosive Area
  • Off Shore Platforms
  • Oil & Gas Refineries
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Paper Industries
  • Power Plants
  • NEMA FG1-1993 Standard For FRP/GRP Cable Tray Loading Specifications.
  • IS6746:1994 Standard for Fire Retardant properties of FRP/GRP Cable Trays,
  • IS6746 Appendix K for Low Flammability,
  • ASTM standards for Typical Properties of FRP/GRP Cable Trays as under.
    • ASTM D 2863 – Oxygen Index Test
    • ASTM D 570 - Water Absorption Test
    • ASTM D 638 - Tensile Properties
    • ASTM D 695 - Compressive Properties
    • ASTM D 790 - Flexural Properties
    • ASTM D 256 - Izod Impact Strength
    • ASTM D 149-97a – Die Electrical Strength (Axial & Radial)
  • we are also following EIL Standards for EIL Projects.

Coupler Plates are used to join two straight Length of the cable trays or bends by means of SS 316 Hardware. The coupler plates are in different sizes according to sizes of the cable trays. The material of the Coupler Plates is same as cable trays material i.e. Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP).

To know more on our custom range of Cable Management Systems, FRP cable trays and GRP Cable Tray, kindly contact our expert team at Satyam India right away.

Available Sizes of the Perforated Cable Tray
Code Cable Tray Sizes
SIPT-2 50 x 25 x 3mm Loading as oer NEMA-FG1 1993 Standard (Special size can be develop as per customer requirement)
SIPT-2A 5500 x 50 x 4mm
SIPT-3 75 x 30 x 4mm
SIPT-3A 75 x 40 x 4mm
SIPT-4 100 x 30 x 4mm
SIPT-4A 100 x 50 x 4mm
SIPT-2 50 x 25 x 3mm
SIPT-6 150 x 50 x 4mm
SIPT-6A 150 x 50 x 6mm
SIPT-8 200 x 50 x 4mm
SIPT-10 250 x 50 x 4mm
SIPT-12 300 x 50 x 34mm
Size of Ladder Tray Standard design
Side Runner Channel Rung Spacing
150mm Wide 75mm/100mm 300mm
300m Wide 75mm/100mm 300mm
450mm Wide 100mm 300mm
600mm Wide 100mm 300mm
750mm Wide 150mm 300mm
900mm Wide 150mm 300mm

Fittings & Accessories

Perforated Cable Trays

FRP Cables Trays
Horizontal Cross
FRP Cables Trays
900 Horizontal Bend

Ladder Cable Trays

FRP Cables Trays
Straight Reducer
FRP Cables Trays
45" Inside Vertical Radius Bend
FRP Cables Trays
45" Outside Vertical Radius Bend
FRP Cables Trays
Horizontal Radius Cross
FRP Cables Trays
Horizontal Radius Tee