FRP Pultruded Railing System

How is Ventura Fiber Tech FRP Pultruded Railing manufactured?

The handrail system components are manufactured with the pultrusion process (raw materials pulled through a resin bath and pre forming die) and contain unto 70% fibreglass which guarantees remarkable mechanical properties. The internal composition of continuous directional glass fibres, determines an exceptional resistance to impact and fatigue (permanent deformations do not occur in case of accidental over load which is a great benefit).

Standards Followed EN 14122-3

Ventura Fiber Tech Railings are manufactured as per IS Standard and international standards. When the height of a possible fall exceeds 500 mm, a guardrail must be installed. The minimum height of the guardrail shall be 1100 mm from the flooring. The guardrail shall include at least one intermediate knee rail. The clear opening between horizontal elements shall not exceed 500 mm. A toe-plate shall be placed 10 mm maximum from the walking level. The distance between the axes of the vertical posts shall be limited to 1500 mm maximum.

  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Electrical Insulation
  • Maintenance Free
  • Ease of Installation
  • Mass Colouring
  • Radio Transparency
  • Installation Lightweight and very easy to install. Ventura Fiber Tech handrail systems are an economical choice as painting is not required and they are virtually maintenance free. Also the installation does not requires heavy tools or machine like (torch welding machine etc like metals). We have designed the installation system that any layman can execute the installation.
  • Mounting Accessories The concept of Ventura Fiber Tech handrail system includes standardized modules with the possibility of including several accessories in order to adapt the system to specific needs and for an easy installation.
  • Colour Options Standard color (yellow, grey, green) custom color on demand.
  • Tested Ventura Fiber Tech Railing resin systems are tested and certified according to ASTM or IS Standards.
  • Additional Reinforcements and Protection Ventura Fiber Tech Pultruded profiles are manufactured with the implementation of an external synthetic surfacing veil: this increases the chemical protection and avoids fiber blooming as well as adding further protection to possible deterioration caused by UV exposure and environmental attack. PU Paint can be applied for Extra protecting of profiles from UV.